A Health Care Facility At Your Workplace

We designed medical checkups and in-house clinics’ management programs to deliver health care with the highest degrees of convenience.

Medical Checkups

  • We offer customized medical checkups for your employees. In fact, regular medical checkups are one of the best ways for early diagnosis which helps in maintaining health, and boosting productivity at the workplace.

In-house Clinics

  • Because having a healthy staff makes a huge difference in terms of productivity and success we offer you “Med Right Clinics” at your facility, so you can guarantee full health and safety of your employees.

Medical First Aid Kid

Professional Staff

We provide you with the care of a professional medical staff, highly trained and highly skilled.

Medical Checkup Doctor

Trusted Doctors

You deserve the care of the best doctors and this is what we provide through Med Right In-house clinics to take care of your employees' health at your facility.


Follow Up

Our team will advise you to get preventive care, and follow-up with you until everything is on track.

Call 24-7

24/7 Services

We are here for you 24/7 through our call center and medical approvals' WhatsApp service.

Medical Checkups

  • Our plans are complete by providing customized medical checkups for our partners. These will help you spot on medical problems in early stages. As a result, this will lower risks of various medical conditions and diseases, and help make your employees’ lives better, healthier and happier.
  • Checkups’ results that we provide save money as they will make the medical scheme cost you less.
Encourage your employees to opt for a better and healthy lifestyle and keep an eye on their own health.

Please, contact the person responsible in your company to request our medical checkups.


In-house Clinics Management

Med Right clinics are placed on your workplace to guarantee your employees’ health is under observation all the time. This will help boost your employees’ productivity to reach your overall goals.


Why Med Right In-house Clinics?


Being closer to you than before, our clinics’ management solutions will offer you a dedicated healthcare facility at your workplace in order to save your time and effort.


We listen to your stories and work challenges, and tailor our medical services accordingly to help you maintain the best work environment aiming at success.


Med Right designates qualified physicians, nurses and other medical professionals at your workplace in order to provide you with convenient health care for your company.


We do not only handle all medical conditions from acute to chronic, we also offer occupational (job-related) health aid, along with various types of medical support to our partners and their employees.

In-house Clinic Doctor

Request Med Right In-house clinic now through the person responsible in your company.