Membership Club

Sharing Value

Med Right membership club is a benefit-sharing program that aims to link and involve all Med Right partners within one single network, creating and sharing unique discounts on various business categories.

The program offers you full independence while taking advantage of the club’s exclusive discounts, as you’ll not need to refer back to Med Right. You just need to search for club’s partners and start saving.

Enjoy The Club Anywhere You Go

The benefits of this program are provided through the membership card you receive from Med Right at the day of admission in our healthcare plans. And you can enjoy the discounts anywhere in our program’s club community.

Full Support

We have a dedicated members’ relation team who is ready to support you along the way, in order ensure you the best possible services and full satisfaction. Consequently, If you experience any issues using the program or have a general question, our team is here for you all the time.

Exclusive Benefits

The program gives you instant access to exclusive discounts and offers at a selection of our unique partners and the very best brand names all over Egypt.

Hassle Free Discounts

You don’t need any referrals or coupons to benefit from our club’s valuable discounts. The process is simple as that:

– Choose a partner from the club.
– Show your membership card at the time of purchase.
– And you are charged at a discounted price.

Free of Charge

You will not incur any admission or setup costs to join our membership club. As we offer this program free of charge to all partners who have a valid Med Right membership. Moreover, you’ll get a free publicity and your business will appear on our website for nothing.

Shared Community

We are building a shared community among Med Right partners, where benefits are exchanged for everyone’s interest. And we would love you to join our membership club as a partner in our success.

Trusted Brands

The club includes a set of our elite partners who can recommend your brand to their members. And under Med Right supervision, you’ll definitely receive the club’s promised benefits.

You Have No Limits

Members who choose to join this program, will benefit from the advantage of getting a considerable sales volume from Med Right club’s partners.

Volume Security

The program includes partners from different service categories, you’ll save with Med Right card every time you spend. As we made sure that the program covers every area you experience in your daily life, in order to constantly be in your support and make your life easier and safer.

Endless Savings

Beneficiaries' Satisfaction is Our Main Concern

We designed this program with a vision of enabling our beneficiaries to receive the maximum benefits out of Med Right membership card. Apart from the medical benefits we offer, we’ve extended our support with wide range of discounts in areas that touch your daily life. With this project being landed, we’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to make your experience with Med Right outstanding.

There’s More Everyday

The bigger the club gets, the more benefits it offers and the happier the members. In the light of this sense, we constantly aim at enriching the club’s community with a selection of our very best partners. In order to engage and satisfy all participants with exclusive values.

We work hard so that you don’t have to! Everyday we make sure there are new partners joining the club, in order to enrich your experience and maximize the benefits for the beneficiaries. And we advise you to check the club’s network from time to time in order to get the best out of Med Right card.

While the club’s community grows, you’ll be able to receive more and more from our medical card. Which will definitely make an impact to your life. As you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year.