About Us

We believe that a healthy life is a happy life

Med Right is a leading national company working in the field of healthcare and health insurance management. Just two years after its establishment, we became the first company to be awarded with a quality certificate in the healthcare industry, keeping Med Right at the highest standards in Egypt. We did that by fusing years of technical experience with a strong focus on quality, to gain the trust and loyalty of more than 300 clients from +30 different industries. And serving over 180,000 beneficiaries everywhere in Egypt with our innovative and flexible healthcare solutions, tailored to satisfy different clients’ needs.

With a solid focus on partners’ safety, we built a well-distributed medical network to cover every area in the country. From that day, more than 3800 reputable medical providers joined our network.

Having more than 7 years in business; we consolidated vast experiences, reinforced it with a deep knowledge and an incredible eye for what’s next. Med Right now is one of the top leaders in the healthcare Egyptian market and we’re constantly developing and extending our capabilities to maintain top-of-the line quality services for our clients.



About Us

How We Made It

We are committed to make your life healthier and safer through our comprehensive medical coverage, high degree of quality, and sympathy.

We have got a wide range of plans in terms of budget, the level of coverage, scope of benefits. As a result, you will be able to customize your own plan according to your own needs. Learn More


True to its name, we built a reliable and comprehensive medical network with more than 3800 providers nationwide, covering all Egypt from north to south, to give you the best medical care anywhere in the country. Moreover, we apply a rigorous audit system to constantly assess and develop the quality of our network.


Having the online system in hand, the communication with our partners became much easier. As the client’s contact person can easily submit and follow up the prior approval requests. The clients get a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard to constantly receive useful information and real-time analytics, allowing them to instantly follow-up all transactions. The system also displays the prices of each service we offer, enabling the beneficiaries’ and medical providers to remain well-informed on all accounts.


We implement a quality management system certified with ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas. Obviously, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC).


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There's No Great Company Without A History

Our Culture

Med Right is a customer-centric organization. In everything we do we think about our partners first and how our actions will help them conduct a healthier and happier life.
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About us- Our Culture - Vice Chairman

Thus, we give an extreme amount of attention to details, even the smallest ones in order to fulfill our role and put things back on track whenever an error occurs.

Our Vision

To create and implement a role model for the healthcare and medical insurance practices that will be a reference for all players and participants in the middle east market.


Our Mission

We make sure that all our beneficiaries are getting the right healthcare at the right time. Through our diversified medical coverage plans, top- quality medical services and high level of responsiveness, we will help them live healthier and safer. Furthermore, we aim at educating and empowering people for a healthy life. Meanwhile, creating a healthy work environment for our employees.

Our Values

We believe that the only path to success is a path full of true values like honesty and clarity. Thus, at Med Right, we carefully refer to our core values as they are the constitution everyone must adhere by.

Moreover, the continuous development and improvement of people, processes, products, tools, technology is the only way to keep and enhance the achieved success.

Dr. Mohamed Refaat



Professionalism is essential in our workplace. At Med Right we are always following a well-established plan with clear goals, objectives, timeline and KPIs to make sure that we are on the right path to success.


Respect is at the root of all our communications, with our team members, partners, stakeholders as well as our competitors.


We deal with our partners and beneficiaries with complete sympathy and empathy. We feel you and hold your back.

Responsibility & Responsiveness

We are all responsible for securing a healthy life for our partners, and we do this by responding quickly and effectively to their requests and always being ready to offer more.


We never tell anything but the truth, because we care about the level of accuracy of any information and its effect on our partners’ health and well being.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We believe that teamwork is the secret ingredient for success. Because all ideas are important and must get a chance to be heard. We believe in ourselves and support each other throughout our success journey.

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