Wellness Programs

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Wellness Programs

Healthy Employees for a Healthy Business

Med Right Wellness program is all about helping your employees take care of their health the easiest way possible.

What Are Med Right Wellness Programs?

Your employees might not have the luxury of time to improve their health. Therefore, we created the wellness programs to remind them of how important it is to nourish their bodies and care for their health.

The programs are held at your workplace, aiming at changing the behavioral patterns that can lead to chronic illness. Consequently, your employees will be able to protect themselves from chronic diseases such as asthma, heart diseases, obesity, orthopedic diseases, and diabetes.


Why Wellness Programs?

  • 25% of employees who have healthy habits are more likely to have higher job performance than those who do not, as per Business news daily’s study. (businessnewsdaily.com).
  • Always remember that nurturing a culture of well being in your corporation will ensure you have a team of employees giving you their best all the time.
  • Your employees’ health and well being are the best guarantee of a successful business. In fact, having physically and psychologically healthy employees is what drives your company towards success, and this is what we offer.
  • Therefore, we designed our wellness programs to encourage your employees about what is important in life. We offer them the options to have better health, aiming at boosting their performance.
  • Without a doubt, a better performance leads to higher financial results. Not to mention that as a leader driven by success, caring for your employees’ will build trust between you and your employees, and will strengthen their loyalty towards your company.


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What We Provide

  • Our wellness programs offer customized sessions to spread health awareness in your corporate, along with health screenings and examinations. We aim to help your employees eat right, maintain a healthy weight and improve their overall health and lifestyle.


  • We provide easy and quick tests to detect early diseases making it more possible to get the right treatment at the right time, in order to give you a better control over your health. These include body mass index, height, weight, body fat, pulse, blood pressure, random blood sugar, the percentage of body water, the percentage of bone mass and other figures. These tests are significantly essential to indicate whether the employees are prone to any chronic diseases. Determining this early, will certainly enable us to improve their health.


Our wellness programs are completely customized to suit your industry, your daily workflow and your employees’ needs.

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