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An Easier-Than-Ever Experience

Med Right mobile app revolutionizes the users’ experience with lots of great features for the clients who prefer to access our system via a tablet or mobile device. We have refreshed our mobile app in order to simplify the use of our online system through handheld devices.

Download our mobile application now to enjoy an easy and quick experience in receiving our services while staying in control of all your activities in one convenient place.

All-in-one Mobile Application Curated by experts

Approval Request

Request and track In-Patient and Out-Patient Approvals.

Reimbursement Request

Submit and Track Reimbursement Claims.

Nearby Providers

Find nearby medical providers using GPS and display them in clusters using smart search.

Med Right Mobile App Interface


Receive notifications on your activities and their updated status.

Favorite Providers

Build your own medical network of your favorite providers.

Ticketing System

Submit and follow up complaint’s tickets.

A brand-new experience with redesigned, easy-to-use interface

Our new mobile application is beautifully designed to display all what you need in one place with an easy and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the new app uses the same engine of our online system which is built on years of technical expertise, providing the perfect integration and experience for Med Right clients.

Multi-Account Management

Multi-Account Management

With the dependents workspace, you will be able to manage multiple accounts of you and your family. The dependents workspace allows you to work as your family members or your dependents and apply for approval requests as well as reimbursement claims on behalf of them. Furthermore, you will be able to track the status of the submitted requests and get notified whenever it’s changed. 

My Card

With the help of our high-end technologies, you will be able to access your medical ID card anytime and anywhere, easing the process of receiving our services to the max.

The e-card brings on speed and convenience in emergency cases, where you can present your e-card to the provider and receive the service freely without hassle or worries.

Having the E-card between your hands, you get detailed information about your policy just at your fingerprint to easily check and validate your eligibility for receiving the desired services.

Advanced Network Search - Med Right Mobile App

Advanced and Smart Search

The newly added advanced and smart search features will enable you to find the most suitable medical provider in seconds. By typing the criteria in the smart search panel, the application will show the nearby providers that best match the smart search criteria, using advanced analytical technologies. 

Furthermore, the user can narrow the search through specific search criteria (For Example: Provider Type, Specialty, location, service provided, search radius…) and the results will be displayed in a list and on the map.

You will also be able to tighten the search of the nearby medical providers into a 1 km distance, connecting you with the nearest possible providers just in seconds.

Integrated Directory in Your Hands

For every medical provider’s facility, you will find:

  • The type or specialty of the provider.
  • Provider’s location and address (route) on the map with GPS features.
  • Provider’s phone number with the ability to call directly from the App.
  • Provider’s opening hours.
  • The services offered by every medical provider.
Providers list
Medical History - Med Right Mobile App

Medication and Medical History

The new application enables you to view all your chronic medication forms in detail and follow up on their status. Moreover, your medical history is consolidated into a complete and integrated medical file of your condition, this file can be easily displayed at your fingerprint and you can also share it with your treatment doctor to receive professional assessment.

Reimbursement Claims

The new reimbursement section simplifies all of your out-of-network claims by allowing you to submit your claim in seconds with a quick and easy way. Where you will be able to file and submit reimbursement claims for your whole family as well as tracking their status and getting notified whenever the status changes, keeping things easy and tidy.

The functionality of the reimbursement feature is dependent upon the policy’s privileges, as certain conditions and terms apply. 

Reimbursement Claims - Beneficiary Workspace